About RKAS

The Republic of Estonia established the company with the business name Riigi Kinnisvara Aktsiaselts (State Real Estate Ltd, hereinafter RKAS) according to the order no. 461 of the Government of the Republic of 28 June 2001 with the objective to guarantee the saving and effective provision of the real estate service to the executors of state authority.
About foundation documents

The gradual concentration of the development and management of state assets into one company (RKAS) creates the preconditions for the state to operating at the real estate market as one person and with the single objective – to guarantee the prudent and effective management of state assets and increase in value.
RKAS is the provider of real estate service to the executors of state authority.
RKAS is the preferred partner and competence centre for the government and state authorities for the fulfilment of the state functions and providing the public service in development, management and maintenance of the required real estate.


We are the preferred partner in the development and management of real estate in the public sector.


As a centre of excellence, we offer quality real estate development services based on the needs of our clients.


Values support the achievement of our goals, unite the team and make us successful in our area. Our characteristics are:

  • We know our area. We’re always prepared to share our knowledge and thoughts. We want to develop and work hard to achieve this.
  • We’re thorough, committed and determined. We focus on the goal and the solution.
  • We can talk about our activities and solutions in a manner that is simple and understandable. 
  • Our activities are transparent.
  • We value long-lasting cooperation.

  • We are not afraid to take responsibility and consider the impact of our actions and decisions.
  • We’re honest. Our actions always match our words. 
  • We stick to promises, deadlines and agreements. 
  • We admit our errors and learn from them.

  • In our actions we’re open and respectful towards ourselves and others.
  • We recognise the concerns of our partners and can put ourselves in their shoes. 
  • We support and help each other. We know how to listen and give feedback. 
  • We’re patient and consistent.