The organisation of the construction of Viru Prison was the largest and most complex development project in the history of RKAS, which was not easy to realise. Regardless of difficult building conditions, the construction of such a large-scale and specific building complex was timely completed thanks to excellent mutual cooperation among all our partners, primarily the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prison management, owner supervision, builder and other actors.

Viru Prison is the first prison of the new type in Estonia, which combines a prison and a house of detention and where all the buildings on the premises are interconnected by closed passageways to enhance security. Viru Prison has room for a total of 1000 prisoners (1 to 2 prisoners in a cell). There is also an open unit for 75 prisoners and a house of detention for 150 people.

Preparations for the construction works began in 2005 and the prison was opened on 29 July 2008. The area under and around the prison totals 16 hectares and it is being guarded primarily by electronic surveillance installed on prison walls.

RKAS has a contract with the Ministry of Justice of Latvia (financed by Norwegian government) to advice in the construction, investment and maintenance principles of their prisons in Šķirotava, Olaine and Kurzeme. We have an agreement since 12th of November 2008 till February 2010.